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Minneapolis startup Civic Eagle demystifies legislative process

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For Civic Eagle founder Damola Ogundipe, promoting better democratic outcomes wasn’t just a business opportunity—it was personal. Inspired by years of attempting to navigate the U.S. legal system as an undocumented immigrant, Damola and cofounder Yemi Adewunmi created an app to simplify civic engagement by combining elements of social justice with social media. Civic Eagle's Enview software allows organizations to track state and federal legislation, pinpoint focus areas, and access information about the policies that impact them, ultimately empowering users to become civic leaders.

Given their passion for engagement, it's no surprise that the Civic Eagle team are active citizens of the Google for Startups community. Yemi was selected for the Google for Startups Black Founders Exchange in 2017, while Damola served as the Google for Startups CODE2040 Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Fueled Collective, a partner organization in their hometown of Minneapolis. Civic Eagle also participated in the Techstars Anywhere Accelerator, a Google for Startups partner program that grants founders virtual access to resources and trainings designed to help them do more, faster.

While their heads aren’t in the clouds, their business certainly is. "Google Cloud helps us manage all of our development storage needs now and as we scale," said Damola. "Google Cloud Tasks allows us to easily manage hundreds of thousands of tasks that our platform performs to process and maintain data." Google App Engine provides Civic Eagle with a fully managed serverless platform so Damola's team can focus on delivering value—and democracy—to users.

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