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Chicago startup FanFood transforms stadium concessions with mobile app

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As a full-time student in the Army Reserves, Carson Goodale missed out on many key college moments. So he created FanFood, a mobile concessions app designed to make sure you never miss a minute of a big game while waiting in line. Users order refreshments directly to their seats or an express pick-up window, and can track their snack arrival in real time.

As a veteran, Carson was able to secure coworking space, investors, and 1:1 Google mentorship through the support of Google for Startups partner organizations 1871 and Bunker Labs. FanFood has now raised $2.2M in funding to date, which Carson hopes to pay it forward by hiring fellow veterans and advising other entrepreneurs transitioning from the military. When asked about his military-inspired management style, Carson described it in one word: structured. Carson credits the Army for teaching him how to be disciplined, communicate, and effectively plan—and Google for helping him get FanFood in the hands (and phones) of the right fans.

Carson and his team use Google Analytics and Google Ads to follow user journeys and change how attendees are signing into the app, leading to a 50% increase in conversion rates. "It's badass to be able to target a customer so precisely on Google Ads that from the time that they fill out a form to see a demo to when we close them is only a matter of days," said Carson. "We just closed a customer in two days because Google Ads did all the leg work. The client came to us."

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